August 19, 2011

Ok, DC, here I come

Or not yet. But soon. Yes, I gave in, in a way. People have been telling me that I just HAVE TO BE IN DC to get a job and I've been against moving there for this all time. But now I am going... Do I believe they've been right all this time? Not really. But it's time to move again (yes, again - the third time this year; I've lived at more than 6 different places in the past 2 years) and since I don't have many more better options, I decided to give DC a try. I am more than ready to admit that I was wrong and they were right, believe me. Getting a job would be such a great relief. But, while I'm going with an open mind, I'm also not leaving my down-to-earth attitude in Pittsburgh. I need to be realistic about this - the job market is tough and I am a foreigner, which seems to be a disadvantage. But I can do this! See you in September, DC!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you can!!!